Mushroom Table Lamp


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Introducing the Mushroom Table Lamp

An enchanting addition poised to elevate any home décor scheme to new heights of sophistication and charm. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Mushroom Table Lamp is a testament to the harmonious fusion of form and function.

At its core, this exquisite lamp is a masterpiece of geometric design, seamlessly blending a cone, hemisphere, and cylinder to create a captivating aesthetic that exudes a sense of whimsical elegance. Each element of its composition has been carefully considered, resulting in a visually stunning piece that effortlessly commands attention in any room.

Crafted from premium-quality metal, the Gold Mushroom Table Lamp boasts a lustrous gold finish that adds a touch of opulence to its design. Furthermore, the incorporation of luxe metallic accents further enhances its appearance, infusing the space with an aura of sophistication and refinement.

Illuminate your home with the warm, inviting glow of this unique lamp, which serves not only as a source of light but also as a statement piece that anchors your interior décor. Whether placed atop a console table in the foyer, adorning a bedside table in the bedroom, or gracing a side table in the living room, this lamp promises to become the focal point of any space it inhabits.

The Mushroom Table Lamp boasts timeless design and impeccable craftsmanship, promising enduring beauty to elevate your living space with elegance.


Product Dimensions:
  • Height: 39cm
  • Length: 28cm
  • Width: 28cm
  • Weight: 1.60kg
Estimated Delivery: 5 – 10 Working Days
Product Code: LS111149

Elevate your home ambiance with the Mushroom Table Lamp, as clean lines and rounded shapes converge for a captivating and unique design. Placed on a side table, console, or nightstand, this lamp undoubtedly makes a stylish statement in any room.


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