INDOME Brown Wooden Sideboard


INDOME Brown Wooden Sideboard


Elevate your living space with the INDOME Brown Wooden Sideboard, a stunning addition that combines functionality with striking design elements. Crafted from rich brown wood, this sideboard boasts four doors adorned with relief panels featuring geometric shapes, adding a touch of originality and visual intrigue to any room.

Inside, you’ll find a central shelf that divides the interior into two compartments, providing ample storage space for organizing your belongings with ease. The sturdy structure of the sideboard is supported by a unique leg crafted from the same wood, featuring elegant curved lines that enhance its aesthetic appeal.


Product Details:

  • Material: Brown Wood
  • Design: Relief Panel Doors with Geometric Shapes
  • Storage: 4 Doors, Central Shelf
  • Dimensions: 162x43x78
  • Product Code: CD141A478


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